Some things just can’t be kept quiet – Hush Hush Review

Hush Hush is the first in a brand new detective series featuring DS Grace Allendale by veteran crime writer Mel Sherratt. Hush Hush was my first venture into Sherratt’s work, but it’s not my first time at the crime fiction rodeo.

Whilst it’s true that crime fiction isn’t exactly my ‘go-to’ genre, I’ve read a fair few crime fiction novels now and whilst Hush Hush is good, I’ve seen it being described as “the most gripping crime thriller of 2018” – which I personally don’t feel is true. Here’s why. Continue Reading“Some things just can’t be kept quiet – Hush Hush Review”

I’m a rep for Night Light Candle! Read on for a DISCOUNT CODE!

Night Light Candle Salem


Those of you who follow me on Instagram, will already know this news, but for my readers here: I am the official October rep for Night Light Candle!

Recognise the name? That’s because I recently wrote a glowing (see what I did there) review of their products! I’ve been a customer of Night Light Candle since the near beginning and I’m so excited to be officially repping for them for my favourite month!

I highly recommend that you visit their webstore – they also have an Etsy store – and check out their products – plus you can use code ANOVELLOVE10 for a discount! Continue Reading“I’m a rep for Night Light Candle! Read on for a DISCOUNT CODE!”

Poppet’s Widgets: Amazing (and custom) bookish jewellery and bookmarks! – Poppet’s Widgets Review

Poppet's Widgets necklaces

Long-time readers of mine might recognise the name Poppet’s Widgets. That’s because I’ve mentioned them several times throughout my posts – I’ve also been a rep for Poppet’s Widgets too! But for those who don’t know, Poppet’s Widgets is a bookish jewellery shop run by bookstagrammar Dena over at @bookworm_365 and her products are absolutely amazing!

The jewellery pieces contain bookish quotations or characters/words from books, all in a ‘book page’ style! Don’t worry though, no books are harmed in the making of Poppet’s Widgets jewellery!

I have multiple pieces from Poppet’s Widgets, in several formats – necklaces (my fav!), bracelets and even keyrings! I’ve even got custom pieces!

Each and every single piece is amazingly well crafted and so well put together! I absolutely adore every piece I own! But I’ve not written a product review yet! Well, that’s now been rectified! Continue Reading“Poppet’s Widgets: Amazing (and custom) bookish jewellery and bookmarks! – Poppet’s Widgets Review”

Well, this is a sticky situation – Jam Review

Jam a novel love bookmark

Now this is how you do an apocalypse story! Especially an apocalypse story without zombies! Jam is definitely the most insane book in Croshaw’s publication timeline. It’s an absolutely crazy premise (with a crazy explanation and eventual reveal) but he pulls it off really well!

Putting the incredibly ridiculous but still hilariously awesome plot aside for just a second, Jam is actually a really good apocalypse/survival story. It’s got all of the things you’d expect to see; team formations, dissection in the ranks, rationing, turf wars etc – as well as some things you might not expect; Goliath bird-eater spiders for one! Continue Reading“Well, this is a sticky situation – Jam Review”

It all ends here…sort of – Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Review

Injustice year 5

Here we go again – can justice be done to the Injustice series? It’s time to find out as we enter the fifth and final year!

Well, the good news is that Injustice Year 5 is better than the last volume! The bad news is that that’s not saying much.

Just like the last volume, there’s quite a lot of action and things happening in Year 5, but nothing of any real consequence seems to happen. It’s pretty much just business as usual in the Injustice world – the roster gets bigger…again and the plot is all over the place. Continue Reading“It all ends here…sort of – Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Review”

Silence can be deafening – Perfect Silence Review

perfect silence held

Perfect Silence is the fourth book in the DI Callanach and DCI Turner series from Helen Fields. Before I start with the review I want to say that whilst this book can 100% be enjoyed as a stand-alone, you won’t get 100% of the benefits from the previous books in the series (regarding character relationships and development) if you start on Perfect Silence. But it still can be read as a stand-alone as key characterisation is reiterated throughout, so no one feels left behind.

For those of you who know me, follow my Instagram or YouTube or have just been readers of my reviews for a while, you’ll know that crime fiction isn’t really my ‘thing’. I’m happy to dabble in it from time to time for something new, but it’s not my favourite. I guess that skips a generation as my mum’s an avid crime fiction reader, but neither my sister nor I are.   Continue Reading“Silence can be deafening – Perfect Silence Review”

My Top 10 Anticipated Early 2019 Releases!

early 2019 releases

2019 is looming ever closer, and with it comes a load of new books! Here are my Top 10 most anticipated releases for early 2019!

I also did a video on this that you can check out here! 

Or just watch it below!

Continue Reading“My Top 10 Anticipated Early 2019 Releases!”

Time to clean up and get my geek on! Geeky Clean Products Mini Review

Geeky Clean products

I’ve been following Geeky Clean on Instagram for a while now, and I’ve bought candles from them before – but when I saw one of their latest products – a shark head bath bomb – I high-tailed it straight over to their website and filled my basket with 3 ocean/sea themed bath and beauty products!

Here’s what I thought!

Continue Reading“Time to clean up and get my geek on! Geeky Clean Products Mini Review”

Announcing my autumn reps for my shop!

rep group shot

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have brought 6 reps on board to help promote my bookmarks!

If you didn’t know, I make magnetic bookmarks – you can check them out here! There are plenty of designs to choose from and I’m sure you’ll agree that there is something for everyone!

My small little shop is still quite quaint, and whilst I get a steady little stream of orders, I thought it was time to bring some reps on board! So I held my very first rep search over on my bookstagram account and I have found 6 amazing people to help promote my little venture!

I originally only set out to have one rep per month of autumn (September, October, November) but I was so blown away with the talent of the entries that I decided to take two on board for each month!

Continue Reading“Announcing my autumn reps for my shop!”