Will your past haunt you?Truth or Die Review

Truth or die cover

Some of you may know that I had a chat with Katerina Diamond way back in 2017 – click here if you wanna check that out. But I’m here today to talk about her latest novel, Truth or Die.

Truth or Die kicks off with the discovery of the butchered body of a professor at Exeter University. It’s the first in a string of murders that put everyone on edge. But who would target a seemingly innocent man, and why? Enter DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles to investigate before the body count gets too high.

Truth or Die is all about secrets and darkness, even the cover has a permanent-sticker saying that it’s ‘not for the faint-hearted’ –but did it live up to its claim?

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Can you find her? – The Missing Wife Review

The missing wife cover

The Missing Wife by Sam Carrington is the kind of book where you know exactly what kind of book you’re about to read based on just the blurb. This Missing Wife is a psychological thriller with plenty of twists to keep you turning the pages.

During a surprise fortieth birthday, Louisa’s life completely changes. When the wife of her ex disappears after the surprise party she didn’t want (and doesn’t exactly remember), Louisa must try to find her, but can she trust those around her?

The cover of The Missing Wife says that it’s rated 5 stars by real readers. I’m a real reader…what did I think?

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June Reading Wrap-up! – What a great month!

It’s that time again! Another month has been and gone, so it’s time for a reading wrap-up!

I managed to read 8 books in June made up of 5 physical books and 3 audio books! But it was a really good reading month as there were loads of 4 and 5 Star reads!

So let’s get to them!

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How to survive YALC! Tips and tricks!

yalc thumb

YALC (Young Adult Literature convention) is fast approaching!

I’m beyond excited to go – I’ve never been to YALC before but I’ve been to plenty of conventions! So I thought I’d put together a few helpful tips and tricks for surviving that might help you out!

My outfit changes for the intro and outro because, me being the GENIUS that I am, accidentally deleted my original files – so I had to re shoot!

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I’m shit at Twitter – so here’s my plan!

a novel love twitter

Yep. It’s no secret, I’m shit at Twitter. And it’s not from lack of trying. I’ve tried, I really, really have, but I just can’t get a grip on it, and I think I’ve figured out why:

  1. I don’t feel like the effort is worth the reward. Yep. The effort of constant scrolling and checking isn’t worth the titbits of info I might get out of tweets. I’m not saying that what’s on Twitter isn’t worth it – far from it! But I just don’t think it’s worth my constant attention (which I feel is needed to get the most out of it) like Instagram is for me.
  2. My FOMO isn’t strong for Twitter.  Twitter is very much an ‘in and of the minute’ kind of social media platform, and I think it runs on the idea of people’s FOMO (fear of missing out) and I’m too lazy for that to matter to me! I feel like some people are obsessive about updates, and that’s just not how I roll. Plus, any new mind-blowing info from publishers and authors will likely find its way to Instagram 5 seconds after Twitter anyway! And I’m an Insta-girl all the way!
  3. I don’t think I’d be interested in 90% of what people say. And that’s true for whatever I’d have to say too! I think a lot of what is on Twitter is info I can quite happily tootle on in life without. Yes, I know it offers insight into the lives of the people you follow, but I’m not really that interested in anyone’s typical days – I’m busy living my own! In that same vein, I don’t think people would be interested in my own shenanigans either – and I don’t think I’d be interested on doing those updates either.
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The best books of 2019…so far!

It’s so cliche to say that I can’t believe that we are half way through the year already, but I can’t believe we are half way through the year already!

So, I wanted to do a wrap-up of the best books of 2019 that I’ve read…so far at least!

Check out the video below!

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Change is coming! – Update

a novel love V

Hello all!

How are you? I hope you’re doing well!

I’ve got some news for you all, and it’s about a slight change that will be coming to my website with near immediate effect. Don’t worry – I’m not quitting or anything like that! Quite the opposite!

Over the last few months, I’ve found myself feeling a bit… like I’m on auto-pilot, if that makes sense.

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Dystopia for beginners – The Disappeared Review

the disappeared cover

I really wanted to love this book – the genre is right up my street – I’m a massive fan of dystopian fiction! But The Disappeared by Amy Lord just didn’t hit the spot for me. I know the whole ‘there are no more original ideas’ thing is pretty obvious but I can’t help but feel that this has been done before – and better – especially in Fahrenheit 451.

So The Disappeared is set in a not too distant future Britain, shortly after Brexit (honestly, if I hear any more about Brexit I’m gonna scream!) where books, and knowledge in general, is considered dangerous and you’re only allowed to learn or teach government approved stuff.

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You Won’t Forget – Forget Me Not Review

Forget me not red

You may recognise the name of Forget Me Not’s author – Claire Allan – because she has written a guest post for me before! If you want to know some of the ups and downs that come with being a writer, then go check that out! I’ve also reviewed Apple Of My Eye too!

But for now let’s talk about Forget Me Not.

Forget Me Not is Claire Allan’s latest book and it gets going straight out of the gate! Here’s how!

Elizabeth is out walking her dog, minding her own business, and suddenly comes across a severely brutalised young woman called Clare who is literally clinging to life at the side of the road. Elizabeth is a good citizen and calls the emergency services and tries to keep Clare alive but to no avail. Clare’s injuries are just too severe. But Clare managed to utter 2 final words before the life left her body: Warn them.

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