The best books of 2019…so far!

It’s so cliche to say that I can’t believe that we are half way through the year already, but I can’t believe we are half way through the year already!

So, I wanted to do a wrap-up of the best books of 2019 that I’ve read…so far at least!

Check out the video below!

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Change is coming! – Update

a novel love V

Hello all!

How are you? I hope you’re doing well!

I’ve got some news for you all, and it’s about a slight change that will be coming to my website with near immediate effect. Don’t worry – I’m not quitting or anything like that! Quite the opposite!

Over the last few months, I’ve found myself feeling a bit… like I’m on auto-pilot, if that makes sense.

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Dystopia for beginners – The Disappeared Review

the disappeared cover

I really wanted to love this book – the genre is right up my street – I’m a massive fan of dystopian fiction! But The Disappeared by Amy Lord just didn’t hit the spot for me. I know the whole ‘there are no more original ideas’ thing is pretty obvious but I can’t help but feel that this has been done before – and better – especially in Fahrenheit 451.

So The Disappeared is set in a not too distant future Britain, shortly after Brexit (honestly, if I hear any more about Brexit I’m gonna scream!) where books, and knowledge in general, is considered dangerous and you’re only allowed to learn or teach government approved stuff.

Our main character’s arc begins when her father is arrested for owing banned books (where have I heard that idea before…) and when she’s all grown up she decides it’s time to fight back.

Ok, let me get the negatives out in bullet point style, because I don’t like to dwell on the negatives:

  • This seems like something that’s been done before – which would be fine if the writing was better…
  • The writing needs some work – the concepts are great, but the writing lacks nuance and the use of language is quite irritating…
  • The language is unimaginative and quite repetitive…
  • As are the characters actions…
  • The characters aren’t that intelligent and have no real development.  
  • The whole story lacked any real depth in the end.
  • The world building was barely there.

But here are some positives:

  • The story was engaging more often than not
  • The premise was solid
  • Politically relevant right now
  • Quite a human story
  • Thought-provoking
  • The storyline is plausible.

So, unfortunately, there you have it. A short and semi-sweet review.

The Disappeared is a middle-of –the-road story that could have been great in a more experienced writer’s hands. I think if you’ve never dipped your toe in dystopian waters, this would be a great introduction, but it would fast become frustrating for veterans.


Thank you to Unbound for partnering with me for this review.

What if reading the wrong book could get you arrested?

In a decaying city controlled by the First General and his army, expressing the wrong opinion can have terrible consequences. Clara Winter knows this better than anyone. When she was a child, her father was taken by the Authorisation Bureau for the crime of teaching banned books to his students. She is still haunted by his disappearance.

Now Clara teaches at the same university, determined to rebel against the regime that cost her family so much – and her weapons are the banned books her father left behind. But she has started something dangerous, something that brings her to the attention of the Authorisation Bureau and its most feared interrogator, Major Jackson. The same man who arrested Clara’s father.

With her rights stripped away, in a country where democracy has been replaced with something more sinister, will she be the next one to disappear?



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You Won’t Forget – Forget Me Not Review

Forget me not red

You may recognise the name of Forget Me Not’s author – Claire Allan – because she has written a guest post for me before! If you want to know some of the ups and downs that come with being a writer, then go check that out! I’ve also reviewed Apple Of My Eye too!

But for now let’s talk about Forget Me Not.

Forget Me Not is Claire Allan’s latest book and it gets going straight out of the gate! Here’s how!

Elizabeth is out walking her dog, minding her own business, and suddenly comes across a severely brutalised young woman called Clare who is literally clinging to life at the side of the road. Elizabeth is a good citizen and calls the emergency services and tries to keep Clare alive but to no avail. Clare’s injuries are just too severe. But Clare managed to utter 2 final words before the life left her body: Warn them.

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It’s SO Magical! – Fairyloot Finale Box Review

fairyloot finale thumb

Well, that was breathtaking! The whole thing! From finding out about the box, to trying to make sure I got one (they sold out in about 2 and a half minutes!), the looooong wait, to finally receiving it and just being in total awe at how amazing it was – the whole experience has been incredible!

I did a video review and unboxing over on my YouTube channel the same day I received the Fairyloot Finale box! I couldn’t contain my excitement, so if you’d like to check that out you can do here:

But/and if you wanna see a more coherent (I really was excited throughout the filming!) review of the items in the Fairyloot Finale, you’re in luck because that’s what this is for!

So sit back, relax and keep on reading!

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Almost like an episode of AHS – Stolen Review

Stolen bag

There is a lot going on in Stolen! There’s a detective who finds out her father is a crime boss, missing dogs, missing old people, a drug addicted ex-nun…yeah, let that last one sink in! Stolen is a violent and exciting story of murder and the resulting mayhem in the Manchester area.

The elements all mixed together and reminded me a bit of an American Horror Story –esque idea at times – and that’s not a bad thing!

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Do you dare to sleep? – Sleep Review

sleep cover

Sleep is anenjoyable psychological thriller that takes place in a claustrophobic settingthat give off some strong Agatha Christie vibes!

Set on the remote Scottish island of Rum, in a lonely hotel,things start to become more than they seem and the situation becomes bleak andhopeless.

Our main character, Anna, is out to escape. She was involvedin a car accident that wasn’t her fault that ended up killing 2 people andinjuring a third. She escaped relatively uninjured and feels survivor’s guiltthat is so severe that she can’t sleep.

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Envy is a Dangerous Thing – Envy Review

envy cover

If unlikable people are characters you love, and if unreliable narrators are your idea of a great reading experience (both of these are meant in the best way!) then Envy is the book for you! Amanda Robson really knows how to write some messed up and unpleasant characters!

If you’ve read Robson’s work before, you’ll know she has a pretty unique writing style – and because of this, it won’t be for everyone. But I personally loved the short chapters! They really helped the novel read like a heartbeat. Envy is told over 4 peoples  viewpoints and it’s a gripping read.

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10 books enter…4 leave! A Fictional UNHAUL!

fictional unhaul thumb

So I asked The Boof to go into my ‘book hole’, as he called it, and pick out 10 random books and I have to pretend that I can only keep 4! It’s time for a fictional unhaul!


Well I only really have room for 40% of the books I currently have, so I thought this would be a fun little exercise to pretend I can only keep 40% of a random selection of 10 books! That’s a 60% unhaul!

Check out how I got on below!

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