Suffering the Fate has never been so much fun! – The Fates Divide Review

the fates divide stack

In all honesty I’ve been looking forward to The Fates Divide for a long time. I’ll be even more honest here in the interest of transparency: I was not Roth’s biggest fan after the Divergent series. This was mostly because I felt that the entire series was pretty derivative of The Hunger Games (yes I know that The Hunger Games isn’t 100% original, calm down Divergent die-hards) to such an extent that I thought Roth was a bit of a hack.

But I was willing to give her another shot as an author as she was branching out into a whole new area of YA with Carve The Mark and boy am I glad I did. I really enjoyed Carve The Mark (plus it has a special place in my heart as it was the very first review I did on my website! ) and whilst it wasn’t perfect, I was excited to continue the series. Continue reading

I’d prefer to be anywhere else but here… Nowhere Else But Here review

nowhere else but here Rachel cotton

Nowhere Else But Here by Rachel Cotton is one of those books that I’d imagine, whilst not my usual auto-buy genre, is a go-to for a palette cleanser or lighter book if I’ve read something particularly heavy or dark. So I knew going into this that I likely wouldn’t be discussing the intellectual credentials, theme and moral compass of the narrative, characters and plot with my fellow readers. But I didn’t expect to be left feeling so…disappointed.

Now I feel like I have to say something before I really get into the meat of my review. Rachel Cotton, the author, is only 17 years old. Now don’t get me wrong; she should be extremely happy that she is a published author at such a young age. But her age is not going to be a factor for me in this review. If I like, or dislike, something it won’t be good or bad ‘for the author’s age’ – it’ll just be good or bad. What can I say? I’m an equal opportunities reviewer. If you put a book in front of me I will review it honestly regardless of age, sex, race, religion etc. Continue reading

There are different types of survival! Sal Review


Sal by Mick Kitson was one of those books that I was instantly drawn to by the cover, and then was completely sucked into by the blurb on the back. I’m a massive fan of road-trip stories and this one, whilst mostly survival based, had me kinda thinking it’d be similar.

Sal is 13 and her half-sister Peppa is 10. When their useless, alcoholic lump of a mother fails to protect them from her boyfriend, Robert, and his deviant and abusive ways, Sal decides to take action. Continue reading

Drugs, Gangs & Violence – Black Water Review

Black Water is a debut novel from Cormac O’Keeffe and is set in Dublin and centres on a gang that terrorizes the local community around the canal.

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of crime novels – I don’t know what it is, but they usually don’t do it for me. However my mum is a massive (fiction) crime reader so I’ve decided to slowly immerse myself in crime books every now and then throughout 2018. I recently read The Chalk Man and my god was that a great book! So I had high hopes for Black Water as I thought I’d been missing out on the crime genre all along! Continue reading

Part of your world – The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock review

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock is the debut novel from Imogen Hermes Gower. It’s a historical fiction set in 18th century England. I’m usually not a big fan of historical fiction, but it’s a genre I’ve begun experimenting with more and more, and I have to admit that Imogen Hermes Gower makes her reader feel fully immersed in the world she has created. You really feel like you are experiencing everything she wants you to feel.

The thing that is most striking about this novel is its beauty – and this is almost entirely due to the language used. I absolutely cannot fault Gower’s use of language. It’s descriptive and emotive in all the right places and the vocabulary is incredible – I’ve never looked up the definition to so many words since I finished the Reading Rainbow in primary school! This book is filled with beautiful examples of amazing language. Continue reading

So many dad jokes! Dream Daddy review

Dream Daddy group

I’m relatively new to visual novels; my first experience with one was Doki Doki Literature Club and that was absolutely incredible. But in every way that Doki Doki was excellent (the deep, hidden messages and code that brought a completely different and darker story to the surface for those who wanted to dig) Dream Daddy is excellent in other ways.

Dream Daddy is a visual novel that is primarily a dating simulator, and an LGBT one at that. Dream Daddy lets you create yourself as the dad of Amanda, your child, (adopted or biological from your male or female partner – all your choice) and you can date up to 7 dads in the game in order to find your…well, dream daddy! Continue reading

Batman vs Superman DONE RIGHT! Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One review

Injustice Gods among us year one

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One was a tie in graphic novel with the video game of the same name. The game was made by the same guys who brought the world Mortal Kombat and I absolutely love Mortal Kombat – always have done. On top of that I’m a DC girl, not Marvel. Now that’s not to say I don’t like Marvel – I just prefer DC. Although I will concede that a lot of DC’s live action films (bar Nolan’s Batman and the new Wonder Woman) miss the mark – but their animated films are amazing!

So, naturally I played the game and I was loving that there was a graphic novel tie in! But I lost track of it and graphic novels can be expensive –especially when they are huge story lines that go on for multiple volumes! Anyway, I finally got the complete Years 1-5 (so look out for future reviews for other years) and I have to say, I was blown away!

Continue reading

An ending that’ll stick with you! The Chalk Man review

the chalk man held

The Chalk Man was another one of those books that I’d seen all over bookstagram and knew I had to get. I’d heard that this book was brutal, hard-hitting and completely fucked up.

Well…it might have been brutal for those who are timid in nature or new to crime/thriller books, it certainly hits, but not too hard, and fucked up? Yeah, kinda. It’s not all that bad until the very last chapter and The Big Reveal – which had me bug-eyed and slack jawed staring at the wall for a while thinking about how this new knowledge effects everything I’d already read! Continue reading

You won’t feel like you’ve bled your time! Everless review

I have to get this out of the way first: I’ve heard a lot of people compare Everless to a movie called In Time – I’ve not seen this movie so I went into Everless with a fresh perspective. So I don’t wanna see any comments saying “but it’s just like that movie!” – I don’t care. I’ve not seen it, so I had no comparative material and my opinion reflects that. Continue reading