Night Light Candle {Product Review}

YES! Another UK candle company!

As some of you might be aware, Meraki Candles ceased trading in January 2018, and it left a big hole to be filled in the UK bookish candle-loving market. Luckily for me, and many others, Night Light Candle jumped right in and has already started filling the hole with amazing scents!

Night Light Candle is run by Jess and her wife Bernice out of Aberystwyth (that’s in Wales for those who don’t know!) and they (just like their candles) are amazing.

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An Interview with Book Legacy – Bookish Subscription Boxes!

Book Legacy has recently started creating and selling Bookish Subscription Boxes, so I wanted to have a quick chat with Book Legacy to see what goes into creating an adventure like this! Check out the interview here! (I also recently reviewed one of the boxes!)

What made you want to start creating bookish boxes?
I’m not 100% sure, all I remember was that I was looking for a new box to subscribe to. Once I started looking, I realised that there are not that many in the UK, and international shipping is so expensive! When I started looking into the UK based boxes I noticed that they all support the “big bookish company”. I have always loved the “big company” within the bookish community, but I also adore the small ones that never get enough appreciation for what they do within the community of book lovers.

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A New Adventure! Book Legacy Bookish Subscription Box Product Review

Book Legacy Favourites

Book subscription boxes are an awesome idea! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one for the longest time and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one from Book Legacy, a relatively new bookish subscription box service!

Book Legacy is new to the world of bookish subscription boxes, but they have made a promising start! I bought their second ever box, and the first containing a book – and here’s my thoughts! Continue reading

Chatting with the amazing Book Besties UK (Plus a giveaway!)

There are many protective sleeves out there, but there are none as good as those sold by Louise of BookBestiesUK!

I am an absolutely massive fan of Louise’s work and I’m NO stranger to her shop! So of course I had to interview her!

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Funko Madness! Chatting with Cinda of @booksandpops

Ah Funko Pops…those devilishly collectable figurines for every fandom imaginable. Most of us have at least one (or twenty!) and show no signs of slowing down. But there is one among us who surpasses us all and leaves our collections firmly in the ‘novice’ category.

I’m talking, of course, of the lovely and creatively talented Cinda of @booksandpops!

I had a chat with her about her amazing collection of both books and Funkos, check it out below, as well as treating your eyes to some of her amazing photos!

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A chat with Melvis Makes, creator of Book Buddy’s

We’ve all been there, we’ve put our current read in our bag to bring with us on a long journey, or to help make the commute a little more bearable only to find that we’ve accidentally damaged our books – and there’s little more soul destroying than knowing that it could have all been avoided if you only had some protection for your book. That’s where Melvis Makes comes in! The Book Buddy is a protective sleeve for books that come in a wide array of fabric choices and sizes! Melvis Makes is a popular bookish product maker on Etsy and I can say from experience that both her products and customer service are amazing!

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