An evening with Mick Kitson – Event review

Sal Mick Kitson

I rarely go to book events for authors that are unknown to me (but I’m working on changing that!) but after reading the blurb for Sal by Mick Kitson I knew I had to not only buy the book, but had to go to the event that Waterstones Edinburgh West End was hosting featuring the author!

As usual I turned up too early, and I took my front row, centre seat (I’m not shy!) and excitedly waited for the evening to begin.

The evening followed a standard ‘An Evening With’ format: the author speaks about the book via prompted questions from a representative, then does a reading, talks a bit more and then there’s a book signing. Continue reading


Tender Was The Night! An Evening of Glamour with Miller Harris and Golden Hare Books

miller harris tender table

It’s no secret that I adore F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work, as well as generally loving books set in the 1920’s. The glamour of the roaring 20’s, especially in the United States, is absolutely fascinating to me. So when I heard that Golden Hare Books, an independent book store in Edinburgh, had teamed up with Miller Harris to host a glamourous perfume launch for fragrances based off of a passage from Tender is the Night, I had to be in attendance.

Arriving at Golden Hare Books was a welcome change from the cold and snow outside, The ‘Beast from the East’ was on its way out but it was still making its presence felt. As soon as I arrived, I realised I was one of the first (if not the first) guest to arrive –as usual – but the heat from the warm, and very real, fire inside of the bookshop, combined with the warm welcome from the staff made me forget about that. Continue reading

Fantastic Nights and Where to Have Them! Harry Potter Book Night 2018

So it’s that time of year again! It was time to don my Ravenclaw robes and school attire and head off to my local Waterstones (Livingston branch) after work to take part in the Harry Potter Book Night!

As usual I ended up arriving super early, but I learnt my lesson from last year’s event and I brought my ‘currently reading’ with me – even if I’m not particularly enjoying it. But as it turns out, I didn’t need it this time!

I ended up chatting with Tina Goldstein (a bookseller) whilst she set up the children’s area downstairs and then, as the shop started filling up with robed children, I made my way upstairs to get ready for the ‘Impossibly Hard Harry Potter Quiz’. Continue reading

The Harry Potter Fan’s Guide To Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a lot to show off when it comes to Harry Potter as J.K Rowling moved there in the late 90’s and still lives there today. She wrote a lot of the Harry Potter books there and it seems that she was heavily influenced by this historic city.

If you are planning on going to Edinburgh and you’re a Potterhead, here’s a list of things to do and see to make the most out of your trip! Enjoy the Harry Potter Fan’s Guide To Edinburgh! Continue reading