A Novel Love is on YouTube!

Hey! Guess what?

Well, you probably don’t need to guess if you’ve read the title…but I’m on YouTube now!

Don’t worry! I’m still hanging out here! I’ll be doing both at the same time (and my Bookstagram!) so there’s something for everyone! Continue reading


The Best and Worst Books of 2017 & AWARDS!

The year is nearly at an end – so that means it’s time for a roundup of my Best and Worst books of 2017!

I will also be awarding my Best Fiction and Best YA Fiction Awards for 2017 in this post!

It seems to have been a wonderful year for publishing, and I’ve been treated to a lot of amazing reads, in fact it was quite hard to narrow my list down to only 5 for the Best of, and quite difficult to choose 5 titles to go in the Worst of section! Continue reading