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So, I randomly decided one day recently that I was going to get creative and redesign some book covers! And I’ve started my new adventure with These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling.

I like to think I’m quite a creative person, and I honestly can’t tell you where this idea came from other than I just suddenly, randomly went ‘I want to redesign this cover’ when listening to the audiobook for These Witches Don’t Burn. So I did what I always do – I acted on impulse and now I’m showing you the result!

Ok, so a couple of things to mention before I show you my work!
I’m redesigning book covers for fun and to stretch my creative muscles!

I am not redesigning them because:

  • I think the originals are inherently bad
  • I want to be a designer
  • I think I can do better
  • Any other negative reason you can think of

I’m doing this for fun!

What I will say is that sometimes I’ll choose covers that, sure, aren’t exactly my favourites and I want to re-imagine them. Sometimes I’ll pick covers that I absolutely adore, but want to see what I can do. Sometimes I’ll pick my favourite books. Sometimes I’ll pick books I don’t like. Sometimes I’ll pick books based on a vote over on my Instagram.

What I’m saying is this: There’ll be no rhyme or reason to my book selections!

(By the way – I did an interview with Micaela Alcaino – a real book designer! So go check that out too!)

So…on to These Witches Don’t Burn

Why did I choose this cover?: Honestly, it’s really not my favourite. I picked up this book for the title and for the blurb on the back – the cover had nothing to do with it. Now please don’t read that as ‘I hated the cover’ – because I didn’t. It’s just not my taste. However after reading the book I understand the cartoonish nature of it.

Did I have an idea going in to it?: Kinda. I knew I wanted a more spooky vibe. I think the title is so powerful given the history of witches and I knew I wanted something darker. Sure, the plot is about teenage witches and relationships etc, but it’s also got some dark themes and that’s what I wanted to focus on.

Did I like the book?: Yeah! I’m all about those witchy vibes and I ended up giving this 4 stars!

Are you happy with it?: It took a while to get what I wanted out of it – but yeah! I am!

OK! So here’s the original cover:

these witches don't burn cover

And here’s my version!

these witches don't burn final a novel love

What do you think? I took to my Instagram to ask people what they thought and here are the results!

So all-in-all, I think that’s a success!

Some feedback suggested that the font should all be the same (I personally disagree but we all like different things), that someone would definitely pick up my book version and someone even asked that I do more!

So I will! Be on the lookout for future redesigns!


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