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If unlikable people are characters you love, and if unreliable narrators are your idea of a great reading experience (both of these are meant in the best way!) then Envy is the book for you! Amanda Robson really knows how to write some messed up and unpleasant characters!

If you’ve read Robson’s work before, you’ll know she has a pretty unique writing style – and because of this, it won’t be for everyone. But I personally loved the short chapters! They really helped the novel read like a heartbeat. Envy is told over 4 peoples  viewpoints and it’s a gripping read.

However, each chapter is named after its narrator, but the perspective does change from one paragraph to the next at times and I found it a little frustrating, I think it was meant to come off as intentionally confusing for the reader, as the plot is a ‘figure it out’ – and that might work for some people, but it was a bit much for me.

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The characters are a whole new kind of crazy. We’ve got Erica – a lonely, overweight and shy woman who becomes obsessed with watching her neighbour, Faye. Faye is gorgeous and is married and Erica wants that. She becomes obsessed and sees something she shouldn’t…so what happens next?

I won’t spoil it, but what follows is a bunch of twists and turns, but something fell a little flat for me. I didn’t like the ending, and everything felt a bit too ‘wrapped up nice and neat’. It also felt like a lot of the plotlines were fighting for the spotlight instead of complimenting each other.

I personally found the plot to be a bit disjointed and predictable but it was very enjoyable. A definite holiday read for those who like something a little dark on the beach!

Envy is exactly what the story is about, root and stem! Overall Envy is a fun thriller about creepy people and their obsessions with each other.


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When Faye’s daughter Tamsin goes missing after school, the police turn to Erica. But is Erica the only one who has been enviously watching Faye? Or is there another threat hiding in the shadows…?

An unsettling, claustrophobic thriller about jealousy, greed and desire from Sunday Times bestseller Amanda Robson.


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