I’m A Rep for Poppet’s Widgets!

You guys!

I entered a rep search on Instagram for Poppet’s Widgets jewellery and I got chosen as a rep! You can use my special rep code ANOVELLOVE10 to receive 10% off your orders!

Dena at Poppet’s Widgets makes amazing bookish themed jewellery! I’ve been a customer before and it’s so great to be an official rep!You can check out more about Poppet’s Widgets by checking out her Instagram page and, of course, her Etsy page!

She also takes custom orders so you can have whatever you want!

Remember, use code ANOVELLOVE10 for 10% off your order!

Here’s some examples of her amazing jewellery that I have, as well as some from her Instagram page and Etsy page!

Also, check out my interview with Dena here!



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