My Top 10 Anticipated Early 2019 Releases!

early 2019 releases

2019 is looming ever closer, and with it comes a load of new books! Here are my Top 10 most anticipated releases for early 2019!

I also did a video on this that you can check out here! 

Or just watch it below!

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Time to clean up and get my geek on! Geeky Clean Products Mini Review

Geeky Clean products

I’ve been following Geeky Clean on Instagram for a while now, and I’ve bought candles from them before – but when I saw one of their latest products – a shark head bath bomb – I high-tailed it straight over to their website and filled my basket with 3 ocean/sea themed bath and beauty products!

Here’s what I thought!

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Announcing my autumn reps for my shop!

rep group shot

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have brought 6 reps on board to help promote my bookmarks!

If you didn’t know, I make magnetic bookmarks – you can check them out here! There are plenty of designs to choose from and I’m sure you’ll agree that there is something for everyone!

My small little shop is still quite quaint, and whilst I get a steady little stream of orders, I thought it was time to bring some reps on board! So I held my very first rep search over on my bookstagram account and I have found 6 amazing people to help promote my little venture!

I originally only set out to have one rep per month of autumn (September, October, November) but I was so blown away with the talent of the entries that I decided to take two on board for each month!

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I’ll take my order to go – Number One Chinese Restaurant Review

number one chinese restaurant cover

Number One Chinese Restaurant was one of those books that I’d seen on bookstagram and had me intrigued. Lucky for me, when I first stumbled across this book in my feed it wasn’t far off of its publication date – so I didn’t have to wait long for it. I didn’t do too much research into Number One Chinese Restaurant before buying it – so I pretty much went into it blind, yet somehow I didn’t quite get what I thought I would.

When boiled down to the most basic elements, Number One Chinese Restaurant is a tale of two brothers, the managerial Johnny and the impulsive Jimmy and their family Chinese Restaurant. What follows is a family melodrama this was supposed to (I think) contain dark humour at the trials and tribulations the family members undergo. If there was any humour present it was lost on me. Continue Reading“I’ll take my order to go – Number One Chinese Restaurant Review”

Zeus is here now? Sure…why not? – Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four Review

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four banner

So, previous years of Injustice: Gods Among Us have brought us: superheroes divide and fight each other,  an intergalactic war, the world’s deadliest magic show and now Year 4 brings us a battle of biblical proportions! That’s right, as if the plot wasn’t crazy enough already the old gods and the new get involved in the battle of Superman vs Batman and isn’t that sentence just nuts?! Wait until we get to the action!

Step right up, because Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 4 brings us battles featuring; Super vs Super, Super vs God and God vs God! Sure, it’s an action packed year but… where’s the plot? Continue Reading“Zeus is here now? Sure…why not? – Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four Review”

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts – Sheets Review

Sheets is a really beautiful graphic novel by Brenna Thummler that is seemingly simple, yet quite complex once you get in to it. It’s about two main characters; Marjorie, a living mid-teenage girl, and Wendell, a ghost boy of about 9 to 11 years old.

Marjorie is a teenage girl who has practically stepped into her mother’s life after the tragic death of her mother. Marjorie runs the family laundromat, and looks after her younger brother and her father as her father is clearly suffering from depression after his wife’s death and goes to school.

Wendell is a young ghost boy who is going about his life as a ghost, trying to navigate how his new world works and how he fits in. Continue Reading“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts – Sheets Review”

Set a course, for satire! – Will Save The Galaxy For Food Review

will save the galaxy for food audio

If you asked me what my go-to genre is, ‘space fantasy’ would not be my answer. In fact, it wouldn’t even graze the top 10, but Will Save The Galaxy For Food is a lot of fun and a great space fantasy and satire at the same time.

I ‘read’ this book via audio book format via Audible (get your free trial here!) and, as with Mogworld, Will Save The Galaxy For Food is narrated by Yahtzee Croshaw – the author.

As I’ve said – space fantasy isn’t usually my cup of tea, but Will Save The Galaxy For Food is easily approachable and yet is still super nerdy! Continue Reading“Set a course, for satire! – Will Save The Galaxy For Food Review”

Always use protection! – BookBestiesUK Product Review

bookbestiesuk collection book sleeves

If you take a stroll through my Instagram page, you’ll notice that a lot of my photos feature book sleeves, particularly book sleeves from the often imitated, but never bettered, BookBestiesUK. There’s a very good reason for this: I’m not a rep, I’m not being sponsored – the simple truth of the matter is that I absolutely love the product.

As I’ve said before in an interview I did with BookBestiesUK – protective book sleeves are a product I never knew I needed until I got one, and now the idea of putting a book unprotected into my bag/suitcase/whatever is unthinkable!

I personally have 23 BookBesties (correct at the time of writing!), and that number doesn’t include all the ones I’ve bought for gifts for others! So let me tell you all of the reasons why I keep buying from BookBestiesUK! Continue Reading“Always use protection! – BookBestiesUK Product Review”

Sarcasm, cynicism and a God Complex – Mogworld Review

mogworld audio book

I know Yahtzee Croshaw from his web series ‘Zero Punctuation’, where he is an incredibly satirical video gamer critic, so when I found out he had written books (starting with Mogworld) I knew I had to get hold of them! As it turns out, I found out that Croshaw narrates his own audio books – so naturally I decided to try out a free trial of Audible and gave audio books a go for the first time – how could I not?!

As it turns out, Mogworld makes for a really easy ‘read’ – yes, I know I was technically listening – but I think it’s transferable in this case! The general story revolves around Jim. Jim is dead, but 60 years after his death he is resurrected by a newbie necromancer. Now Jim just wants to die again…permanently. But things, as in life, just aren’t that simple, thus hilarity ensues on Jim’s quest for his own demise. Continue Reading“Sarcasm, cynicism and a God Complex – Mogworld Review”