Always use protection! – BookBestiesUK Product Review

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If you take a stroll through my Instagram page, you’ll notice that a lot of my photos feature book sleeves, particularly book sleeves from the often imitated, but never bettered, BookBestiesUK. There’s a very good reason for this: I’m not a rep, I’m not being sponsored – the simple truth of the matter is that I absolutely love the product.

As I’ve said before in an interview I did with BookBestiesUK – protective book sleeves are a product I never knew I needed until I got one, and now the idea of putting a book unprotected into my bag/suitcase/whatever is unthinkable!

I personally have 23 BookBesties (correct at the time of writing!), and that number doesn’t include all the ones I’ve bought for gifts for others! So let me tell you all of the reasons why I keep buying from BookBestiesUK! Continue Reading“Always use protection! – BookBestiesUK Product Review”

Sarcasm, cynicism and a God Complex – Mogworld Review

mogworld audio book

I know Yahtzee Croshaw from his web series ‘Zero Punctuation’, where he is an incredibly satirical video gamer critic, so when I found out he had written books (starting with Mogworld) I knew I had to get hold of them! As it turns out, I found out that Croshaw narrates his own audio books – so naturally I decided to try out a free trial of Audible and gave audio books a go for the first time – how could I not?!

As it turns out, Mogworld makes for a really easy ‘read’ – yes, I know I was technically listening – but I think it’s transferable in this case! The general story revolves around Jim. Jim is dead, but 60 years after his death he is resurrected by a newbie necromancer. Now Jim just wants to die again…permanently. But things, as in life, just aren’t that simple, thus hilarity ensues on Jim’s quest for his own demise. Continue Reading“Sarcasm, cynicism and a God Complex – Mogworld Review”

Avada Kedavra! Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three review

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three image

Tom Taylor is back for Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three and has knocked it out of the park again – well, at least for the first two thirds of the story, as a different writer takes over for the final third.

So, picking up from where Year Two left off, the war with the Green Lantern Corps is over, but a casualty of that war just happens to have taken the life of someone very dear to John Constantine (yes that’s right boys and girls, Constantine is a DC creation!) and all kinds of magical hell breaks loose. Continue Reading“Avada Kedavra! Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three review”

I Will Put You Back Together – The Fourth Closet Review

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Some people have incredible works of fiction on their ‘most anticipated’ lists. Not me, I had a FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) book! I’d been waiting to get my hands on The Fourth Closet for ages! For those who don’t know, the FNAF books are pretty crap. But to me, they are gold. I know they’re crap, but damn it I really enjoy them!

They fall into the so-bad-they’re-good category and I couldn’t wait to rip through this book because I was dying to know the answer to the one question everyone who has read the books had: What happened to Charlie? Continue Reading“I Will Put You Back Together – The Fourth Closet Review”

Superhero tropes, ASSEMBLE! – Renegades Review

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I bought Renegades with no idea what it was about – but Marissa Meyer wrote it and that was enough for me to ‘add to cart’. Now obviously I knew it was about superheroes, but it turns out it’s a kind of “what if the X-Men became the government” kind of story – which is pretty cool, if not completely original.

The beginning of the book sets you up for an older–teen read and I was all about that – I love me a dark superhero story! – but except for the beginning introductory chapter, the rest of the story is really, really soft. But never mind, I’ll settle for PG-13 if I can’t have R Rated. Continue Reading“Superhero tropes, ASSEMBLE! – Renegades Review”

I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye! – They Both Die at the End Review

You know, for a book with They Both Die at the End as its title, you’d think that I’d be better prepared for the ending, but NO. Nothing can prepare you for this book. Nothing.

This book absolutely devastated me. Now, for those of you who are familiar with Adam Silvera’s work you might be thinking, “well, DUH! What did you think was going to happen? It’s an Adam Silvera book!” but this was my first experience with the author and as much as this book hurt, I’ll absolutely be continuing on to read his other works! Continue Reading“I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye! – They Both Die at the End Review”

I Have Restocked My Etsy with New Designs! | ANovelLoveGifts

My Etsy Store (ANovelLoveGifts) has been restocked!


ANovelLoveGifts bookmarksI have been working really hard and have finally re-stocked my Etsy store (ANovelLoveGifts) with a whole bunch of new magnetic bookmark designs!

I’m really proud of these and I’d love it if you could check them out! There’s something for everyone: food, dogs, avocados, animals, coffee – you name it!

I make and sell my magnetic bookmarks to help keep my website up and running, so if you’d like to support me and my website, head to my Etsy store as I ship worldwide! Continue Reading“I Have Restocked My Etsy with New Designs! | ANovelLoveGifts”

My writing space and schedule – a guest post from author Ingrid Alexandra

The New Girl cover

Once again, I’m so happy to be partnering with Avon books to bring you this guest post from Ingrid Alexandra, author of The New Girl on her writing space and schedule. I hope you enjoy!


I need my surroundings to be fairly quiet when I’m writing. No television, no music (unless it’s instrumental or very quiet), no interruptions. I like to be able to look out a window with a view, so our home office is perfect for that, although really I can write staring at a blank wall if I have to. I need to remember to make myself comfortable as I’ve spent hours, days, weeks hunched over a laptop in the past and ended up making my chiropractor very rich!

Continue Reading“My writing space and schedule – a guest post from author Ingrid Alexandra”

Night Light Candle {Product Review}

YES! Another UK candle company!

As some of you might be aware, Meraki Candles ceased trading in January 2018, and it left a big hole to be filled in the UK bookish candle-loving market. Luckily for me, and many others, Night Light Candle jumped right in and has already started filling the hole with amazing scents!

Night Light Candle is run by Jess and her wife Bernice out of Aberystwyth (that’s in Wales for those who don’t know!) and they (just like their candles) are amazing.

Continue Reading“Night Light Candle {Product Review}”