It’s SO Magical! – Fairyloot Finale Box Review

fairyloot finale thumb

Well, that was breathtaking! The whole thing! From finding out about the box, to trying to make sure I got one (they sold out in about 2 and a half minutes!), the looooong wait, to finally receiving it and just being in total awe at how amazing it was – the whole experience has been incredible!

I did a video review and unboxing over on my YouTube channel the same day I received the Fairyloot Finale box! I couldn’t contain my excitement, so if you’d like to check that out you can do here:

But/and if you wanna see a more coherent (I really was excited throughout the filming!) review of the items in the Fairyloot Finale, you’re in luck because that’s what this is for!

So sit back, relax and keep on reading!

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Almost like an episode of AHS – Stolen Review

Stolen bag

There is a lot going on in Stolen! There’s a detective who finds out her father is a crime boss, missing dogs, missing old people, a drug addicted ex-nun…yeah, let that last one sink in! Stolen is a violent and exciting story of murder and the resulting mayhem in the Manchester area.

The elements all mixed together and reminded me a bit of an American Horror Story –esque idea at times – and that’s not a bad thing!

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Do you dare to sleep? – Sleep Review

sleep cover

Sleep is anenjoyable psychological thriller that takes place in a claustrophobic settingthat give off some strong Agatha Christie vibes!

Set on the remote Scottish island of Rum, in a lonely hotel,things start to become more than they seem and the situation becomes bleak andhopeless.

Our main character, Anna, is out to escape. She was involvedin a car accident that wasn’t her fault that ended up killing 2 people andinjuring a third. She escaped relatively uninjured and feels survivor’s guiltthat is so severe that she can’t sleep.

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Envy is a Dangerous Thing – Envy Review

envy cover

If unlikable people are characters you love, and if unreliable narrators are your idea of a great reading experience (both of these are meant in the best way!) then Envy is the book for you! Amanda Robson really knows how to write some messed up and unpleasant characters!

If you’ve read Robson’s work before, you’ll know she has a pretty unique writing style – and because of this, it won’t be for everyone. But I personally loved the short chapters! They really helped the novel read like a heartbeat. Envy is told over 4 peoples  viewpoints and it’s a gripping read.

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10 books enter…4 leave! A Fictional UNHAUL!

fictional unhaul thumb

So I asked The Boof to go into my ‘book hole’, as he called it, and pick out 10 random books and I have to pretend that I can only keep 4! It’s time for a fictional unhaul!


Well I only really have room for 40% of the books I currently have, so I thought this would be a fun little exercise to pretend I can only keep 40% of a random selection of 10 books! That’s a 60% unhaul!

Check out how I got on below!

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Breathing Life into Death – The Life of Death Review

life of death cover

The Life of Death is a poignant and unique horror novel about, literally, the life of death.

The initial concept of the story is by no means new – I think we can all name a story, be it book, TV show, film etc., where Death is personified. It’s…dare I say it…been done to death. But The Life of Death breathes new life into the idea.

I love the idea of if you could make a pact with the devil…would you?

I probably would. I’m fairly reckless with a ‘fuck it’ attitude, but the devil is tricky, and that’s no exception here.

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The beginning of an epic! – Furyborn Review

furyborn cover

Could it be? It is! It’s a YA fantasy that actually lives up to the hype! Wow! Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce you to Furyborn by Claire Legrand! And now I’d like to gush for the next few paragraphs!

Furyborn was one of those books that I had seen all over Instagram, and everyone was talking about it, so obviously I bought it. And then it sat on my shelf for months on end for 2 main reasons.

The first was that I was slightly intimidated by it. A lot intimidated by it. Furyborn ain’t no size zero, she be a THICC bitch! Not as thicc as Priory of the Orange Tree but at 494 pages she ain’t exactly a light bite! Furyborn is also the first in a series, and I was nervous about becoming invested in a book and then having to wait a lifetime for the sequel and I’ll have forgotten everything that happened!

The second reason I was nervous was – all the hype! Usually when a book gets hype it’s because of abundant marketing/publicity or because it’s genuinely good. Unfortunately it’s normally the marketing /publicity route that causes the dreaded over-hype, which turns pretty good books into disappointments, because people expect more than what the book can deliver because of too much hard and heavy hype.

So yeah, I was a bit nervy to pick this up. But Furyborn falls into the incredibly rare category of amazing books that actually live up to their hype!

Let me start at the beginning…which is actually the end…

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Suicide or Murder? – Perfect Crime Review

perfect crime cover

Those of you who have been following my blog and reading adventures for a while will know that I’m no stranger to Helen Fields’s work. I’ve reviewed several books in the DI Callanach series, so naturally Perfect Crime was going to get reviewed too.

Perfect Crime is the fifth book in the DI Callanach series, and whilst I recommend reading the other four because they’re good books, you can read Perfect Crime or any of the ‘Perfect’ series by themselves.

It all depends on whether you like to know all of the ins and outs of characters going into a story, or if you’re fine with a surface-level exploration. Unsurprisingly, with Perfect Crime being the fifth in a series, we’ve got some pretty well established characters. Just saying it’s your call, but you won’t be stumped if you jump straight in here.

Now, on to the book!

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An interview with Micaela Alcaino – Book Cover designer extraordinaire!

micaela alcaino cover

Have you ever looked at a book cover in total awe and wondered: ‘how do they do that’!? Of course you have!

Well, I’ve got a treat for you! I had a chat with the AMAZING Micaela Alcaino (check out this link and I guarantee you’ll recognise some of her work!) about what it’s like to be a book cover designer!

The interview covers everything from how Micaela got into book cover design, to how her creative mind works, all the way through to tips for aspiring designers!

So get comfy and settle in because I’m diving straight in with my questions for the incredibly talented Micaela Alcaino!

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