There are different types of survival! Sal Review


Sal by Mick Kitson was one of those books that I was instantly drawn to by the cover, and then was completely sucked into by the blurb on the back. I’m a massive fan of road-trip stories and this one, whilst mostly survival based, had me kinda thinking it’d be similar.

Sal is 13 and her half-sister Peppa is 10. When their useless, alcoholic lump of a mother fails to protect them from her boyfriend, Robert, and his deviant and abusive ways, Sal decides to take action. Continue reading


Exclusive bonus content from Amanda Robson’s latest book, Guilt

Guilt begins with a stabbing, which leaves one twin sister dead and the other accused of her murder. The twins Miranda and Zara are thirty years old at the start of the novel. But their problems began to incubate years before that. Here are some teenage memories: Continue reading

Drugs, Gangs & Violence – Black Water Review

Black Water is a debut novel from Cormac O’Keeffe and is set in Dublin and centres on a gang that terrorizes the local community around the canal.

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of crime novels – I don’t know what it is, but they usually don’t do it for me. However my mum is a massive (fiction) crime reader so I’ve decided to slowly immerse myself in crime books every now and then throughout 2018. I recently read The Chalk Man and my god was that a great book! So I had high hopes for Black Water as I thought I’d been missing out on the crime genre all along! Continue reading

Part of your world – The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock review

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock is the debut novel from Imogen Hermes Gower. It’s a historical fiction set in 18th century England. I’m usually not a big fan of historical fiction, but it’s a genre I’ve begun experimenting with more and more, and I have to admit that Imogen Hermes Gower makes her reader feel fully immersed in the world she has created. You really feel like you are experiencing everything she wants you to feel.

The thing that is most striking about this novel is its beauty – and this is almost entirely due to the language used. I absolutely cannot fault Gower’s use of language. It’s descriptive and emotive in all the right places and the vocabulary is incredible – I’ve never looked up the definition to so many words since I finished the Reading Rainbow in primary school! This book is filled with beautiful examples of amazing language. Continue reading

How I created my protagonist – A guest post from author Judy Leigh

I’m honored to be partnering with Avon books to bring you this guest post on how the protagonist from Judy Leigh’s latest book A Grand Old Time. So without further ado…


My protagonist, Evie Gallagher, came to me in a similar way to Joan of Arc hearing the voice of the saints. I could hear Evie before I knew what she looked like. I knew she was feisty, that she made jokes and cursed a bit, spoke her mind, was mischievous. I wrote the first few chapters really quickly; Evie in Dublin, her escape from the care home she’d gone to by mistake, her visit to the bookmakers with a strange man and a bet on the horse which had her husband’s name. Continue reading

An Interview with Book Legacy – Bookish Subscription Boxes!

Book Legacy has recently started creating and selling Bookish Subscription Boxes, so I wanted to have a quick chat with Book Legacy to see what goes into creating an adventure like this! Check out the interview here! (I also recently reviewed one of the boxes!)

What made you want to start creating bookish boxes?
I’m not 100% sure, all I remember was that I was looking for a new box to subscribe to. Once I started looking, I realised that there are not that many in the UK, and international shipping is so expensive! When I started looking into the UK based boxes I noticed that they all support the “big bookish company”. I have always loved the “big company” within the bookish community, but I also adore the small ones that never get enough appreciation for what they do within the community of book lovers.

Continue reading

The Back Story of the Love interest – A Guest Post from Author Tracy Corbett

I’m honored to be partnering with Avon books to bring you this guest post on the back story of Barney Hubble, the love interest in the latest book from Tracy Corbett, author of The Summer Theatre by the Sea. So without further ado…


Before I start writing a new story, I like to draft character biographies and explore my characters’ backgrounds and what motivates them. Knowing what’s happened prior to the story starting, helps me to hit the ground running, and enables me to get inside the character’s mind. The male love interest in The Summer Theatre by the Sea is Barney Hubble. Continue reading

The Search For Ideas – A Guest Post by Author Jaime Raven

I’m honored to be partnering with Avon books to bring you this guest post on The Search for Ideas from Jamie Raven, author of The Rebel. So without further ado…


As an author one of the questions I’m most often asked is: Where do you get your ideas from?
There’s no stock answer, of course. Ideas come from a wide range of sources.

I pick up most of mine from newspapers and magazines. These are full of intriguing news stories and features that can trigger ideas for novels.
This as how my latest book, The Rebel, began its life. I spotted an interesting item while reading a Sunday paper. It was about a prominent journalist who had been assassinated in Mexico. He was the latest victim of one of the ruthless drug cartels that operate in that country. Continue reading

A New Adventure! Book Legacy Bookish Subscription Box Product Review

Book Legacy Favourites

Book subscription boxes are an awesome idea! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one for the longest time and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one from Book Legacy, a relatively new bookish subscription box service!

Book Legacy is new to the world of bookish subscription boxes, but they have made a promising start! I bought their second ever box, and the first containing a book – and here’s my thoughts! Continue reading