Paws and Pages! – Great bookstagram accounts that feature animals!

book ferret animal bookstagram

Bookstagram is an absolutely amazing place, and I have a blast on it every day (come follow me)! I’ve met some great people and seen some outstanding creativity! But there’s a mini-niche on bookstagram that I LOVE seeing every time it pops up in my feed…books and animals!

I think that animals make everything better and I’ve found a few accounts that either exclusively or heavily feature an animal in their bookish posts!

I can’t help but share these accounts with you because their photos certainly make my days better and I hope they can do the same for you! 

Here are my  2 personal favourites from bookstagram!

ouija doodle reads animal bookstagram


@ouija.doodle.reads is an amazing account featuring a gorgeous labradoodle called Ouija! Each photo is expertly crafted, well-lit and so cute! Ouija makes every photo cheeky and playful!



book ferret animal bookstagram


@thebookferret is quite frankly one of the cutest bookstagram accounts! Diggle Bear (a Hufflepuff ferret) and Wasabi (a Gryffindor ferret) are the stars of this account and their playful, slinky figures liven all all of the gorgeous photos!


Now, for all of the dog lovers out there who love mans best friend, these accounts are for you!

For those of you who love dogs, I create charity bookmarks featuring many dog breeds and all of the profits go to The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home! You can check them out here!

For kitty lovers, these accounts will be making you go “awwww!”

And just like the dogs, I also create charity bookmarks featuring many cat breeds and all of the profits go to The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home! You can check them out here!

And for those who want something a little bit different…check out these accounts!


[PLEASE NOTE]: I was not paid or sponsored by anyone to write this post – all the opinions are honest and my own.

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